Nutiteq is now part of CARTO! Please use latest CARTO Mobile SDK for new projects. Nutiteq SDK 3.x support and updates ended in 2017, documentation here is outdated.

Release notes


Version: 3.2.4

GIT commit: b49e5134a8e878923dfd9b98996f81941d17ccf4

Changes/new features

  • Added onMapIdle event to MapEventListener, the event is triggered after map has been updated and there are no immediate redrawing requests. In combination with other SDK APIs, this callback can be used to check if all tiles of a layer have been loaded, for example.
  • Added onMapStable event to MapEventListener, the event is triggered after map movements have finished, fingers have been lifted from the touch screen
  • Implemented Options.getPivotMode/setPivotMode methods for customizing touch zoom/rotation pivot point settings
  • Implemented MapView.Dispose method for Xamarin/Android, this allows to release SDK resources at once


  • Fixed MapView.moveToFitBounds, screenBounds argument was ignored in some cases
  • Fixed flickering in Marker/Label animations
  • Fixed vector tile font memory usage issues causing high memory consumption when using complex scripts (Chinese/Japanese)
  • Fixed Android-specific crash with geometry overlay renderes, if MapView.onResume/onPause methods were called
  • Fixed issue of vector tile size getting lost when tiles was moved between visible/preloading caches, causing wrong cache memory footprint calculations
  • Fixed issue of tile expiration info was lost when tile was moved between visible/preloading caches
  • Fixed Android-specific memory leak related to vector tile renderer resources when Activity was closed
  • Fixed rare timing-related issues with MapView shutdown in Xamarin/Android, causing crashes when destroying MapView
  • Package manager fix: report progress for custom bbox packages (accidentaly left out from 3.2.3 release)
  • Made vector tiles artificially larger by adding 1KB to their sizes, this helps avoiding memory allocation issues when lots trivial tiles are stored in the cache