Nutiteq is now part of CARTO! Please use latest CARTO Mobile SDK for new projects. Nutiteq SDK 3.x support and updates ended in 2017, documentation here is outdated.

Raster tile sources

With Nutiteq Starter, Pro or Enterprise plans (not Lite) you can use any raster tile map source: your own, 3rd party etc. Here is collection of various raster map tile sources.

To use following tile sources use HTTPTileDataSource, and create RasterTileLayer using it. The DataSource constructor takes URL pattern which are given below, and requires also minimum and maximum zoom levels. For all above 0 is minimum zoom, and maximum varies from 14 to 19.

Code sample

  TileDataSource tileDataSource = new HTTPTileDataSource(
    0, 18, 
  RasterTileLayer layer = new RasterTileLayer(tileDataSource);

CARTO Base map tiles{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Free base map

OpenStreetMap Mapnik tiles{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Free for limited use. See tile usage policy

MapBox raster tiles{mapid}/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token=<your access token>

See MapBox API spec for details and to create access token. MapBox Terms & Feedback.

Stamen Toner{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Please contact

Stamen Watercolor{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Please contact

Stamen Terrain - US only{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Please contact

Microsoft Bing Maps{quadkey}.png?g=1&mkt=en-US&shading=hill&n=z

Commercial terms of Bing Maps API. Must use Get Imagery Metadata Bing Service to get supported URL parameters.

Microsoft Bing Aerials{quadkey}.jpeg?g=1&mkt=en-US

Commercial terms of Bing Maps API. Must use Get Imagery Metadata Bing Service to get supported URL parameters.

ESRI World Imagery (and other ESRI basemaps){zoom}/{y}/{x}

Terms and more info. ArcGIS Developer service subscription is required (from $20/mo).


© OpenCycleMap

OpenCycleMap Transport{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

Free to use. Source: Thunderforest

USGS Topo National Map (US Only){zoom}/{y}/{x}


Copyright: USGS The National Map: National Boundaries Dataset, National Elevation Dataset, Geographic Names Information System, National Hydrography Dataset, National Land Cover Database, National Structures Dataset, and National Transportation Dataset; U.S. Census Bureau - TIGER/Line; HERE Road Data. USGS MapServer