Nutiteq is now part of CARTO! Please use latest CARTO Mobile SDK for new projects. Nutiteq SDK 3.x support and updates ended in 2017, documentation here is outdated.

Offline Map packages

Following map packages can be downloaded from Nutiteq map service for offline use. Your app needs to use Package Manager API to get the list, download and consume the packages.

Package names:

  • There is general convention to provide geographical hierarchy and avoid too long lists and big packages: Continent/Sub-continent/Country/Country Region
  • Sub-continent part is used only in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America
  • Country Region division is used in US, Germany, UK, Spain, Russia and Canada. Spain and UK are also available as single package.
  • Names are available in following languages: English (en), German (de), French (fr), Italian (it), Chinese (zh), Spanish (es), Russian (ru) and Estonian (et). These are same languages what we currently support as map language. Contact us if you need another language.

Nutiteq OpenStreetMap Packages

  • Use source ID: nutiteq.osm when initializing Package Manager
  • Map data: OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL license.