Nutiteq is now part of CARTO! Please use latest CARTO Mobile SDK for new projects. Nutiteq SDK 3.x support and updates ended in 2017, documentation here is outdated.

MBTiles map data

MBTiles support is included in Nutiteq SDK. MBTiles uses SQLite database format, so you have just one file to be downloaded and managed. Following are some tools to create MBTiles packages:

a) Raster maps

  • MapTiler is nice utility to create MBTiles from raster geo files (GeoTIFF, JPG, ECW etc), it is well worth small price to support the developer
  • TileMill is open source generator of very nice map packages, if source is vector geo file, e.g. Shapefile or PosgGIS geo data.
  • MOBAC - download from variety of free sources (e.g. Bing, OpenStreetMap etc), can even load from WMS with added configuration
  • MBUtil enables to create mbtiles from/to TMS-style tile folders, created with e.g. GDAL utility
  • Portable Basemap Server - free utility for Windows, loads data not only from various commercial servers and custom sources, but also from ESRI formats. Works mainly as WMTS server, but can create MBTiles as extra feature.

b) Vector maps

  • Nutiteq SDK bundled Package Manager API downloads country-wide or bounding box based map packages with OpenStreetMap data. These files are not directly visible, as Package Manager downlods the files, you only use the API.
  • If you need to create vector map files from different sources or your own data (e.g. Shapefiles), then please contact Nutiteq ([email protected]) - we can provide you converter toolchain, and do free demo conversions.